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How to Write a Book in 30 Days with Hayley Solich

Learn how to plan your book so you can write it in 30 days | taught by HAYLEY SOLICH
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About the Instructor

Hayley Solich QBLE is a Perth-based Communications Specialist and the CEO of The Creaticians.

Hayley specialises in helping people to transform their lives and achieve their life vision.  She helps them to start or uplevel their businesses, complete life projects such as write books, advocate for their cause, raise their public profile, get a higher paid job and so much more. 

Hayley is the past Editor of four Australian magazines including Pearls Women's Magazine, Finally at 40 Life Begins Magazine, Golden Pen Magazine, Golden Pen for Christian Women Magazine, as well as, the past designer for Social Media Woman Magazine. Hayley is also a published author, public speaker and experienced facilitator.

Hayley also has a background in Employment Services and Government where she helped hundreds of people to find employment.  She also currently consults on Mental Health and is a qualified Recovery facilitator.

Hayley Solich

The Creaticians

Bluegum Community Centre

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Have you always thought that you would write a book but weren't sure how or when?

OR have you started to write a book but stalled because you got stuck and didn't know how to proceed?

In Write Your Book in 30 Days online training program, Hayley Solich helps you to understand your WHY and HOW so you know how to approach your WHAT.

From the first lesson to the last, you will be given quality information and you will be invited to apply that knowledge through engaging activities.

Course content includes:

  • Understanding Your WHY for writing a book
  • Crafting your objective
  • Understanding Your WHO, your audience for the book
  • Crafting an avatar so that you write for the one
  • Understanding Your HOW so you can plan effectively
  • Crafting your writing plan and setting realistic goals
  • Understanding the Psychology of motivation so you can finish your book in 30 days
  • Crafting your vision board and your daily writing routines

Plus access to some cool tools to help you with your writing adventure.

Course Contents

4 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Survey
22 Texts
20.0 hrs